New jersey laws about dating

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS AND WHERE TO FILE: To file for a divorce, either party must be a resident of the state for a period of a least one year preceding the filing of the complaint.A divorce may be filed in the county where either party resides.This provision allows partners who are close in age, or both under the New Jersey age of consent, to engage in consensual sex without fear of prosecution under New Jersey age of consent regulations.For more information, read about close-in-age exemptions.In making an equitable distribution of property, the court shall consider, but not be limited to, the following factors: Separate property, real, personal or otherwise, legally or beneficially acquired during the marriage by either party by way of gift, devise, or intestate succession shall not be subject to equitable distribution, except that interspousal gifts shall be subject to equitable distribution.[Based on New Jersey Statutes 2A:34-23 and 2A:34-23.1]ALIMONY/MAINTENANCE/SPOUSAL SUPPORT: In all actions brought for divorce, divorce from bed and board, or nullity the court may award one or more of the following types of alimony: permanent alimony; rehabilitative alimony; limited duration alimony or reimbursement alimony to either party.The New Jersey Legislature adopted the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in 1982.

New Jersey is one of a handful of states that has a “forever” aspect to final restraining orders.The Superior Court shall have jurisdiction of all causes of divorce, bed and board divorce, or nullity when either party is a bona fide resident of this State.[Based on New Jersey Statutes 2A:34-8 and 2A:34-10]LEGAL GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE: A divorce will be granted on the following grounds:[Based on New Jersey Statutes 2A:34-2]LEGAL SEPARATION: A divorce from bed and board may be granted on the same grounds as a divorce from matrimony.The Age of Consent is the age at which a person is deemed by New Jersey law to be capable of consenting to, and engaging in, sexual acts.Anyone who engages in sexual activity of any type with a partner under the applicable Age of Consent is breaking the law and can be charged with crimes ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony (statutory rape) depending on the jurisdiction in which they are prosecuted.

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