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But a second, startlingly similar allegation -- and the threat of publicity -- about two years later forced Bishop Delaney to remove the priest from ministry.

Details of one allegation were not revealed until the documents were released Tuesday.

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John the Apostle Catholic Church in North Richland Hills.

Church officials there would later learn of additional claims of inappropriate behavior, including his visiting Web chat rooms "looking for minors" and possessing "pedophilic material." [See Thompson's 10/5/01 email.] There is no record in the files released by the court that the bishop contacted police about the abuse allegations or the material reportedly found on Magaldi's computer.

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Star-Telegram [Fort Worth TX] November 29, 2006 related articles on the Fort Worth files, and the accused priests Hanlon, Hoover, Howlett, Reilly, and Rentera. John the Apostle, North Richland Hills [See also a more complete list of assignments.] Over the Rev.

See also the documents on which this series is based, with links to assignment records and background information.] [Note from Bishop We have provided links to the documents quoted and referenced in this article. See here for the original article without links to the documents. Philip Magaldi's flamboyant career [see Bishop Delaney's use of the same phrase in a 12/23/98 memo], he weathered perjury charges in New England and served time in a halfway house for embezzling 3,400 from his Rhode Island parish.

See also all the released Magaldi documents in batches, and a list of links to selected Magaldi documents.] The Rev. The diocese kept quiet about the first sexual abuse complaint against him in 1997.

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