Hcg levels and pregnancy dating

Women undergoing infertility treatments or women with serious health conditions may take blood tests to get early results since it can detect h CG as early as one week after conception.More common are urine tests that can be administered by a physician or by the patient using a home pregnancy test.Your h CG levels will double every 24 to 72 hours reaching their highest levels sometime towards the end of the first trimester.It is important to know that low h CG levels can mean nothing and you may very well have a normal and healthy pregnancy.A visit to your physician is always a good idea if you think that you may be pregnant and the testing approaches used in doctor's offices are accurate.

Be sure to consult with your doctor if you are concerned that your own h CG levels are not within these quoted ranges.Pregnancy Test Accuracy Chart Trying to Conceive First Time TTC! Brand new here and thought this forum was the most fitting for me. Fertility Charting Power Season 4 Episode 2 Today Power Season 4 Episode 2 Today...Due Date Club of December 2017 Leaving you all It was nice to get to know you all.You will be confused about what the acronym “h CG” means.Familiarity with the term these letters represent would likely come about if you have some experience with fertility treatments or the language of fertility specialists. It is a hormone produced by the fertilized egg of a pregnant female.

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