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Well, sorry guys — Folds e-mailed me this weekend to inform me that he had met Merton in person, at which time they created the above vid.So unless they're using some kind of fancy green screen tech, it's safe to say that we can put this story to bed. I was minding my own business, editing a movie review, when my friend Bill Forman stopped by my desk and told me he'd just been OK'd to do a cover story on Chatroulette. "You mean that chat website overrun by exhibitionists and masturbators? I'd heard about the site on one of those late-night tabloid TV shows (which, of course, I was flipping past on the way to PBS). "Why are you suddenly concerned about my parenting? "Here's the thing: If I go online alone, I'm not sure I can get a story. " I'm puzzled for a moment, then realize what he's thinking. "Well, I was thinking that as a parent, you might be interested in seeing what teens are being exposed to." "Bill, you don't even like kids," I reminded him. In fact it’s so good it all seems a bit wasted on the usual Chatroulette audience, although somehow they seem to have found fairly normal-seeming people to play it.Take a look at the behind the scenes video below as well, as it’s all clever stuff.Due to rumors that Folds was in fact Merton (which the latter denied in an interview with ), the musician created a couple of "Odes to Merton" on You Tube, plugging into Chatroulette during concerts and singing before a packed house and the Internet at large.Determined to discover whether or not the two were the same dude, we interviewed Folds about the whole deal.

CONAN: WOW, DRAYMOND, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GOLD MEDAL. A mystery man known only as Merton burst onto the scene about six months ago, garnering acclaim and attention for creating improvised songs on his piano by surfing Chatroulette.In addition to the viral buzz, Merton also attracted the public's interest because, well, he looks a hell of a lot like musician Ben Folds — they have the same black framed glasses and rather similar facial structures.Log in using your Pay Pal email address and password, and confirm the payment by clicking 'Pay Now'.Funds will be transferred to your tombola account immediately, and you will be redirected back to tombola.

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