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Fine Cheesemaking A Caribbean country might be the last one you’d associate with cheesemaking.

But Ian Anderson, owner of Cave’s Branch Jungle Lodge, went to Vermont to study the art form and brought it back to Belize.

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Long Caye Wall This sheer drop-off dive gives you the sensation of falling into the abyss as you leave a whitesand area dotted with garden eels and dive over the reef downward.The Elbow Turneffe Atoll’s signature dive is an advanced thrill.Converging currents bring plankton flowing in fast — and with that nutrient soup, fish galore.On my way to Caye Caulker, a small island about 20 miles from Belize City, I’m inundated with images of the Great Blue Hole. “On every Blue Hole trip, divers spend the boat ride back debating whether the second or third dive was the best. It’s quite the experience to descend into the dark blue at the World Heritage Site, knowing that you’re exploring the same waters as Jacques Cousteau.Videos play on TVs in the airport terminal, posters lure visitors into signing up for a helicopter tour or dive, and even some of the staff at Belize Diving Services sport shirts that read: “I Dived the Great Blue Hole.” But I get some unexpected intel from co-owner and general manager C. But the real excitement is reserved for what comes next.

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